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Flexi - Profile
  Pitch 200 2   200 2
  Crest Depth   301
  Cover Width   1000
  Sheet Width   1060
  Feeding Width   1220
  Thickness   TCT 0.30 - 0.60
  Sheet Length   12000 Max
  Roof Slope   5 Min
  Purlin Spacing   1000 to 1500
  Application   Roof/Wall Cladding
Hi-Rib Profile
  Input Coil Width   1220mm(Nominal)
  Cover Width   1020mm(10mm)
  Overall Width   1080(20mm)
  Small Grove Depth   1.5mm(1mm)
  Pitch   250mm(2mm)
  Depth   30mm (2mm)
  Materials   Pre-Painted Galume(Aluminium-Zinc coated) steel
  Grade 240 to 550 Mpa
  Thickness   0.35mm to 0.80mm(Unpainted & Painted & AL-Zn Steel) Tolerance: 0.03mm
  Lengths   Any length from 1.0m in 50mm steps Maximum Length: 12.5m recommended due to transport
  limitations (0.6m for 0.35mm thickness or less)
Tile Profile
  Pitch   2002
  Crest Depth   251
  Cover Width   1000
  Sheet Width   1100
  Feeding Width   1220
  Thickness TCT   0.30-.0.50
  Sheet Length   4000 Max
  Roof Slope   20 Min
  Purlin Spacing   Every Alternate Tile
  Application   Roof Cladding
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