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Roofing Fastners
  Fasteners with out
  Crest fixing for Trap Profile < 0.80mm TCT   SDS CS 12G- 14 TPI x 55mm long DTSS
  For Claddind Valley Fixing < 0.80mm TCT   SDS CS 12G- 14 TPI x 25mm long
  For Corrugation < 0.60mm TCT   SDS CS 12G- 14 TPI x 45mm long or 55mm long
  For overlap Fixing   SDS CS 12G- 14 TPI x 20mm long
  For Accessories   POP Rivet
For Fixing SDS Screws : Use Torque adjustable electronic gun screw driver with a capacity of 500 W and @ 2000 ~ 2500 rpm.
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