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Technical Specifications
Everlst Roofing, wall cladding, tile, corrugation and accessories are manufactured from the finest high quality raw material coils of PPGI (Pre Painted Galvanized Iron), PPGL (Pre Painted Galvalume) and NCGL (Non Colour
Material Specifications
  Material   PPGL ( Pre Painted Galvalume
  Alu Zinc coating ) GL Base
  PPGI (Pre Painted   Galvanized Iron) GI Base   NCGL ( Non Colour   Galvalume or Bare
  Galvalume Alu Zinc   coating ) GL Base
  Thickness   0.35mm~0.70mm   0.35mm~0.60mm   0.40mm~0.70mm
  Alu-Zinc coating   AZ150 Standard. AZ100, AZ70   and higher Alu-Zinc coatings   optiona   Z120 Standard. Z100 and   higher Zinc coatings optional   AZ150 Standard. AZ100,   AZ70 and higher Alu-Zinc   coatings optional
  Coil width   1145mm/1220mm   1145mm/1220mm   1145mm/1170mm
  Sheet width   1010~1080mm   1010~1080mm   1010~1020mm
  Effective width   960~970mm   960~970mm   960~970mm
  Tensile strength   550 Mpa Standard.
  245~400 Mpa optional
  245~345 Mpa Standard. 550   Mpa optional   550 Mpa Standard.   245~345 Mpa optional
  Standards met   ASTM A755, JIS, AS2728, IS277   ASTM A653, JIS3312, AS,   IS277   ASTM A792, AS1397,   IS277
  Paint   Regular Modified Paint (RMP)
  Standard. Optional- Silicon   Modified Polyester (SMP) & PVDF2
  Regular Modified Paint (RMP)
  Standard. Optional- Silicon   Modified Polyester (SMP) &   PVDF2
  Colours   6 Standard. Optional-wide range
  including RAL codes
  6 Standard. Optional-wide   range including RAL codest
Feeding Width = 1220 mm
*Note: Flexi-Rib 250pitch(5 crust)-Eective width: 1020mm
Sheet Width = 1060 / 1080 mm
Hi-Rib 200pitch(6 crust)-Eective width: 1000mm
Effective Width = 1000 mm
Trapezoidal Roofing Load Chart
Note : DLLL Dead Load + Live Load (Deflection Limitation : Span/180)
UDL-Wind Uniform Distributed Load - Wind (Deflection Limitation Span/120)
Material Conforming to ASTM 792 Grade 80 (Yield Strength 550mpa) or equivalent
Allowable Uniform Load Kg / m2
Material Specifications
  Material   Pre-painted Galvanized Steel sheets
  (GI-Base/Pre-painted Alu-Zinc Steel Sheets (GL-Base)

  Alu-Zinc alloy coated steel sheet (55% Aluminium 43%
  Zinc 1.6% Silicons) Pre - Painted Galvanized Steel Sheets (Gl-Base)
  Alu-Zinc coating/Zinc coating   AZ~70~100/Z100~120
  Paint coating   Regular modified polyester painting
  Painting thickness (top)   18~20 microns
  Painting thickness (bottom)   5~7 microns epoxy primer service coat
  Surface paint reflection   Glossy finish (Optional-Matt finish)
Optional high durability wrinkle polyester painted steel sheets can be used for exterior construction and has a special low gloss, high durability and long life through wrinkle formation on the surface of polyester series
Material Dimensions
Standard / Customised*
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